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After a long time once again the trend of postcard printing has knocked the door of the printing industry. People once again are very much involved in selecting some beautifully designed postcards for their loved ones and send them just as a token of love and care. Having a look on a postcard always takes us 20 years flashback when collecting the postcards was also practiced as a hobby. Moreover people used to collect the stamps pasted on the envelopes. It was indeed a wonderful feeling of receiving a mail by post dropped in your postbox. Opening it with great curiosity and enjoying the feeling. What color does strike your mind when you think of any of the mail received through the courier services? Well yes true! The old traditional classic Red and Blue combination. Keeping in view all these sentiments attached with the blue and red combination I thought to design a mail iOS Icon template which would reflect some of your old memories as well as emotions and warmth of a postcard received through mail services. Get it downloaded and add this differentiating mail iOS Icon to your app design.